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Getting funded through Research Lead

Research Lead account required to fill out an application

Study eligibility

No significant conflicts of interest

Socially driven clinical research directed towards meeting a societal medical need to reduce disease or improve health

  • Not for profit (no research for drug or device market approvals)

  • No basic or animal research (pre-clinical research may be considered)

  • Prime examples:

    • Public health

    • Nutrition & lifestyle

    • Health disparities

    • Prevention 

    • Mental health (non-pharmaceutical)

    • Translational research

    • Replication research

Your research cannot be currently funded or must be able to demonstrate insufficient funding.

The proposed budget must reasonably and feasibly cover the research.

Your research must be biologically plausible and supported by current scientific evidence and understanding.

Your study must be methodologically sound.

You must be affiliated with a non-profit institution that can provide resources for conducting research, and you must have credentials within that institution to conduct research. The Research Lead grant will be written out to your affiliated institution on your behalf.

Application Requirements

Complete a study profile summarizing the details of your proposed research including description, budget, timeline, and study team

  • Details on research will be kept confidential and not disclosed to anyone outside Research Lead 

Submit current curriculum vitae noting affiliated institution.

Complete a financial disclosure form for you and relatives:

  1. Any related patents 

  2. Any financial holdings including company shares or stock investments

  3. Any board of director or leadership positions associated with proposed research

  4. Any consulting fees associated with research or affiliated companies

  5. Any plans for future financial investment in research 

Give Research Lead authorization to verify credentials and affiliation with institution

  • Verification search of your credentials including institution sites, social media, and publications

  • Research Lead requires your institution to provide an institutional letter of support confirming the following:  1) You have support from your institution to conduct this research if funded and receive necessary regulatory approvals; 2) Your institution agrees to an indirect cost (IDC) waiver or exception limiting the IDC to 15% or less.

Preliminary screening of your application may take 2-4 weeks. Our reviewers will be screening your study to ensure that it aligns with the Research Lead mission for meaningful, socially-driven, high quality research.

  1. During this time, our reviewers may reach out to you for clarifications or revision as necessary to meet our screening requirements

After your study has passed preliminary screening, you will be contacted for an interview (approximately 30 minutes).

If your research is funded through the platform, your institution will be awarded a grant for the research that includes the following:

  1. Agreement to use the funds solely for the designated research

  2. If research is cancelled/discontinued for any reason, remaining funds will be returned to Research Lead

  3. Funds cannot be distributed towards for-profit activities 

  4. If researcher is found to be using these funds for unintended use or research is not being performed as indicated, Research Lead will request funds to be returned and researcher may be disqualified from further use of the Research Lead platform

  5. Payment system based on milestones

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